Sunday, December 13, 2009

Food that us Americans eat.

Where does our food come from? That's one question i ask myself all the time. Yes, we find our food in the supermarkets but where is the origin of our food. But most importantly our meat. How does it end up in the supermarkets and on our plates and into our mouths? If you think that what we eat comes from a happy farmland utopia then you are wrong. Most of our animals comes from factories and not happy happy farms.

Here's a website which shows us how cruley these animals are treated at these farms, and what is done to them.
How can we eat these animals when they are treated like garbage? And pay for these meat products without even knowing where it really comes from?

Put in cages, smacked around, treated poorly and and put in our mouths for us to eat. Sometimes we do have to ask ourselves where does our food really come from. And what are we really eating and if we truley want to eat them? I personally love animals and wouldnt want to eat my dearly beloved cat, so if i was to have a pet chicken, pig or cow i would surely feel the same way.